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Cloud Customer Service Solution

NSE Genesys Cloud Cloud Customer Service - A Case Study of a Food Industry Company



  • Status Before Adopting NSE Genesys Cloud:
  • Part of the customer service system was self-built, while another part was outsourced. The system was highly unstable and had a significant negative impact on the business.
  • The system lacked essential functionalities, preventing it from meeting the rapid development demands of e-commerce, TV shopping, and outbound business.
  • Inaccurate reporting made it difficult for customer service supervisors to accurately monitor and analyze operational conditions.


  • Reasons for Choosing NSE Genesys Cloud:
  • NSE Genesys Cloud offers rich and easy-to-use OmniChannel multimedia capabilities and a stable system.
  • The cloud-based solution eliminates the need for specialized IT personnel to maintain the system, and NSE promises quick system deployment.
  • The solution can be seamlessly integrated with the existing Salesforce system.



  • Introduction to NSE Genesys Cloud Implementation:
  • Features include Voice, Line, FB Messenger, Call Recording, Agent Desktop, Customized Report Monitoring, SFDC Integration, Work-From-Home (WFH) capability, Outbound Telesales, and Customer Care.
  • Implementation Period: The system was deployed within 2 months after the order was placed.