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Speech Analytics Solution

NSE Speech Analytics Case Study in Financial Industry



Issue I - Account Inquiry

Issues from customers who have already made repayments:

Inquiries about whether the repayment has been credited to the account.

Requests to extend credit limits after repayment.

Customers wanting to change the repayment due date, etc.

Issues from customers who have not made repayments:

 Queries on how to make repayments.

Requests for bill installment options.

Inquiries about changing the repayment due date, etc.


Provide targeted education and training to customer service representatives and optimize the relevant knowledge management (KM) database. By using the Nanxun Intelligent Customer Service - Semantic Analysis solution to identify pain points, the incoming call rate for these two types of issues has decreased significantly by 40%. This not only reduces communication costs but also frees up more manpower to focus on other value-added tasks.


Issue II - Credit Card Fee Inquiry

Issue source:

Customer service representatives spending excessive time explaining details related to platinum cards (interest rates, annual fees, benefits, late payment fees, etc.).


Notify customers through text messages and significantly reduce the call duration for this issue. This helps to minimize the number of inquiries received on this topic.