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Robotic Process Automation (RPA) - Process Automation Robot Solution.

NSE NICE RPA Case Study in Telecommunications



  • Automated Operations for Call Record Inquiry
  • Automated Process for Mobile Base Station Lease Payments
  • Automated Verification Process for Pension Procedure Disbursements
  • Automated Contract Search Process for Customer Inquiry
  • Automated Handling of Customer Complaint Submission Forms
  • Automated Customer Identity Verification and Data Retrieval Process
  • Automated Process for Service Update Summaries
  • Automated Procedure for Contract Renewals
  • Automated Workflow for Receiving Emails and KM (Knowledge Management) Entry
  • Automated Integration of Roaming Data for Customer Service Representatives/Counter Staff
  • Automated Inventory Audit - Digitized Comparison
  • Automated Inventory Search Process
  • Automated Filing of Application Forms
  • Automated Streamlining of Acceptance Procedures