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Robotic Process Automation (RPA) - Process Automation Robot Solution.

NSE NICE RPA Case Study in Financial Industry


NSE NICE automates the credit limit adjustment process using the intelligent assistant NEVA.


Banking Industry

  • Inheritance (balance, excess payment data export)
  • Card issuance and deduction
  • Foreign document search
  • Deceased account annotation
  • Credit card application
  • Deduction service image import and download
  • Credit card billing history operation
  • Account services
  • Automatic reconciliation
  • Mortgage approval
  • Credit card monthly fee exemption
  • AML basic data establishment
  • Batch printing of payment return letters
  • RM data inquiry PA
  • Account opening KYC/AML negative news search
  • Electronic seizure
  • Legal deduction and disbursement
  • Electronic revocation
  • Car loan/credit card credit inquiry from external websites
  • Delinquent account beneficial pre-evaluation
  • Pre-processing of payment electronic documents
  • AML RM case assignment OBU
  • Product import and export
  • Overseas outward remittance
  • Offsetting mail dispatch
  • Risk control debt report download
  • Employee case management report compilation
  • Insurance application process
  • AML continuous risk rating check data inquiry
  • AML abnormal transaction monitoring
  • Automated printing of money laundering reports, etc.


Securities Industry

  • Confirmation of delegated overseas bond transactions
  • Daily reconciliation statement
  • Withholding tax on salary income
  • Account opening identity verification
  • Database login failure report compilation
  • Daily ORACLE and SQL SERVER database checks
  • Telemessage conversion
  • Automatic download of closing price files
  • Reconciliation of settlement amounts
  • Settlement operations
  • AD password unlocking
  • Booking of agency fee income
  • Checking and updating of shareholders' National Health Insurance annotations in the Central Depository
  • Withholding tax on salary income
  • Environmental data statistics and compilation
  • Compilation of financial report-related person list
  • AS 400 daily authorization check report + maintenance endorsement
  • Fixed asset construction
  • Receipt and report printing distribution of Central Depository E-report
  • Maintenance of delegated ex-rights and ex-dividend operations, etc.


Life Insurance Industry

  • Self-payment entry
  • Automatic transfer entry
  • Compilation of related person search results
  • Query of virtual account fund purposes
  • Anti-money laundering approval (closing note)
  • Investment limit calculation
  • Underwriting data comparison
  • Life insurance/policy claim form data input
  • Deletion of VUL/Power System accounts
  • APP message reply process
  • Automatic update of policy data
  • Integration of insurance claim data
  • Correspondence operations
  • Compliance inquiries
  • Integration of policy addition/cancellation operations
  • Automatic premium deduction operation
  • Manual premium payment operation
  • Balance and transaction details inquiry for local/foreign currency deposits
  • Billing operations
  • ETF net asset value inquiry
  • Net value fund inquiry and verification
  • Gift voucher issuance, etc.


Futures Industry

  • Account opening credit check operations
  • Post-processing after online account opening signing
  • AML anti-money laundering
  • Sending electronic bills to domestic and foreign agents
  • Burning corporate bills
  • Archive of domestic and foreign risk SMS and email records, etc.


Mutual Fund Industry

  • Multi-URL system inquiry
  • Shareholding diagnosis compilation
  • DOW JONES pre-inquiry
  • ETF download, etc.