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Meeting Transcription & Compliance Quality Assurance

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NSE Callinter Meeting Transcription & Compliance Quality Check



NSE Callinter utilizes cutting-edge ASR automatic speech recognition, NLP natural language processing, and LLM large language model technology, along with a hybrid language recognition model (mixing Chinese, Taiwanese, and English) & automated speaker separation technology, to perform the following applications:


  1. Meeting Recording - Transcription of meeting audio content into text for quick organization of daily meeting recordings/videos, facilitating browsing, editing, searching, downloading text files, and subtitle creation.

  2. Compliance Quality Check - Automatic risk detection and monitoring for compliance with regulations across all channels.




Key Features:

  • Transcription of multilingual speech into text, including Mandarin, Taiwanese, and English mixed contexts, with accuracy exceeding > 90%
  •  Automatic punctuation marking
  •  Automatic segmentation marking for different speaker utterances
  •  Rapid search of audio file content and keywords
  •  Support for uploading audio file formats: wav, mp3, m4a, mp4, aiff, flac, ogg, oga, opus, caf, gsm, wma, asf, mov, mpg, avi, wmv, mpeg, silk, aud
  •  Download of text files in srt, csv format
  •  Omnichannel interaction analysis, including voice calls, chat, and email
  •  Automatic risk detection and alerts - Automatically tagging potentially non-compliant sentences. In addition to detecting interaction content, it also checks for abnormal speaking speed & emotional states
  •  Speaker separation & role identification - Supports mono audio, automatically recognizing different speakers and overlapping voices based on voice characteristics