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Avaya UC Integrated Communications Platform

Avaya Aura® IP Communication Manager by NSE

Avaya Media Servers and Media Gateways, providing highly flexible and easily scalable building blocks. Different combinations allow for highly customized communication solutions.


NSE Avaya Media Servers

NSE Avaya Media Gateways

Avaya Media Gateways are installed on Avaya Aura® Communication Manager and support both TDM and IP voice communication environments. They allow for an easy transition from TDM-based voice communication to the new generation IP infrastructure, including devices compliant with the open SIP standard. They support analog, digital, IP, LAN, and WAN interfaces, making them suitable for distributed enterprises, small remote offices, or large customers using a mix of TDM and IP.

Innovative Architecture - Communication services accessible via wired, wireless, telecom, data networks, and remote connections.

Pure Software Solution - Supports flexible deployment through software, reducing hardware dependencies.

Full Virtualization - Accelerates platform upgrades, reduces hardware investment, and operating costs.

Simple and User-Friendly - Consistent user interface, reducing learning barriers. Supports various multimedia applications such as voice, video, instant messaging (SMS), presence, and file sharing.

Powerful Integration - Tight integration of communication features with business processes, significantly reducing human-operated delays.


NSE Avaya Workplace Communication Platform

 Avaya Workplace integrates all communications, ensuring high-quality user experiences during mobile processes without the need for VPN connections for remote access. Multiple devices can be used simultaneously, such as mobile phones, laptops, browsers, and desktop computers. The enhanced Avaya Workplace Experience supports audio and video conferencing, team messaging, chat, screen and file sharing, task assignments, and other application services.


NSE Avaya Meetings Integration Platform

Avaya Meetings improves work efficiency through high-definition video and SIP voice collaboration, enabling communication anytime, anywhere. Avaya Meetings app is compatible with various operating environments such as Windows, macOS, iOS, or Android, and also supports direct access to meetings via WebRTC from browsers.


NSE Avaya Messaging Integration Platform

Avaya Messaging provides customers with a unified messaging solution that integrates into the enterprise phone environment and offers unified messaging by integrating voice mail and email, along with storage devices provided by Avaya.


NSE Avaya Smart End Devices

NSE Avaya J Series IP Phones 

Avaya J139 IP Phone

Basic entry-level phone suitable for administrative units, meeting basic communication needs.

Avaya J159 IP Phone

Dual-screen phone suitable for users with multifunctional keys, meeting daily voice communication needs with a price advantage.

Avaya J179 IP Phone

Offers higher efficiency and more complete communication integration, optional JEM24 module, wireless Bluetooth headset, and WiFi connectivity.

Avaya J189 IP Phone

High-resolution dual-screen phone suitable for use in call centers and by professionals.

Avaya JEM24 Module

For switchboard operators, supports phone key expansion modules, with each phone supporting up to 3 key expansion modules.

NSE Avaya B Series Conference Phones

Avaya B149 Conference Phone

Avaya's patented OmniSound® 2.0 audio technology ensures clear and high-quality audio, suitable for use in large conference venues. Pre-recorded audio files and extension microphones can be purchased as options.

Avaya B169 Conference Phone

Supports extension microphones for up to 20 people, supports sleep mode to reduce power consumption and lower costs.

Avaya B179 Conference Phone

Smart features make phone conferencing more convenient, supports web interface to import, export, and create phonebooks, supports extension microphones, external wireless headsets, and PA systems.

Avaya B189 Conference Phone

Five-inch touchscreen, suitable for use by corporate management.

Avaya B199 Conference Phone

Eliminates surrounding noise, with an easier-to-use UI, suitable for large conferences.


 NSE Avaya Vantage Intelligent Desktop Phones 

Allow data access to cloud applications, supporting each other with Avaya Aura® CM, IP Office, and other platforms.

Avaya Vantage K155

5-inch color touchscreen, including regular phone buttons and an integrated video camera, a hybrid smart phone.

Avaya Vantage K175/K165

8-inch full glass color touchscreen, no physical phone keys, K175 comes with an integrated video camera, while K165 does not.


NSE Avaya 1400 and 9400 Series Digital Phones 

Avaya 1403 Digital Phone

Simple interface, suitable for temporary users such as visitors, only supports Avaya IP Office platform.

Avaya 1408 Digital Phone

Suitable for basic communication needs such as receptionists and salespeople.

Avaya 9408 Digital Phone

With multiple function keys and rapid dialing features, suitable for use by managers and employees with heavy workloads, only supports Avaya CM platform.

Avaya 9508 Digital Phone

Similar to 9408 in terms of features, but this model only supports Avaya IP Office platform.