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TMGC Telemarketing System

NSE TMGC Telemarketing System

Telemarketing on Genesys Cloud Platform


In the new battlefield after the pandemic, successful businesses require an efficient sales system, and NSE (Nanxun) TMGC Telemarketing System is the best choice to meet your needs. The TMGC Telemarketing platform adopts the latest technology and strategies, providing personalized end-to-end solutions for businesses, including customer list/personnel management, order data management, marketing campaign management, omnichannel reporting and analysis, intelligent modules for recording and quality monitoring (QM), and more. Whether your business is large or small, NSE TMGC Telemarketing System can be tailored to significantly enhance sales efficiency, transforming your customer service center from a "cost unit" to a "profit unit."


NSE TMGC Telemarketing System - System Architecture


NSE TMGC Telemarketing System - Feature Introduction

  • Customer List Processing (List Import & Comparison)
  • Customer Service Personnel Management (Maintenance & Role Authorization Settings)
  • Customer Data Management
  • Order Data Management (Order Entry, Product Details, Payment Operations)
  • Marketing Campaign Management I (Dialing Modes - Preview Dialing, Power Dialing, Predictive Dialing, No-Agent Dialing)
  • Marketing Campaign Management II (Marketing Script Setup, QA Design, List Assignment and Retrieval, IVR/Web Survey)
  • Telemarketing Management (Customer Information, Historical Transaction Records, Service Logs, CallBack)
  • Message Management
  • Report Management I (Call Reports - Queue Activity, Queue Performance, Call Reports, Customer Service Performance)
  • Report Management II (Telemarketing Reports - Campaign List Statistics, Marketing Failure Analysis, Invalid List Analysis, Campaign Performance Statistics, Daily Performance, Telemarketing Statistics, Customer Service KPI Performance)
  • Recording Function (Full Call/Screen Recording & QM Quality Inspection)
  • System Management (Process/Route Settings & Real-time Monitoring Metrics, Flexible Dashboard Display Settings)


NSE TMGC Telemarketing System - Advantages

  • Short implementation cycle, low maintenance costs, and high ROI (Return on Investment).
  • Product licensing based on subscription, allowing flexible expansion based on customer service demands.
  • Flexible personnel deployment, enabling immediate usage with just an Internet connection.
  • Achieve true OmniChannel unified routing service and management.
  • Feature-rich and user-friendly, easy to learn and operate.
  • 100% web-based, compatible with any terminal device.
  • The NSE TMGC Telemarketing System service team is highly experienced, providing comprehensive and highly customized development based on various customer requirements.