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Genesys Cloud - Omnichannel Cloud Customer Service System

NSE Genesys Cloud - Omnichannel Cloud Customer Service/Communication System



NSE Genesys Cloud Customer Service - Milestones & Representative Clients


1 Hsinchong Natural Gas Co., Ltd. signed a contract with NSE to use the Genesys Cloud omnichannel cloud communication platform.
2 BenQ Materials Corporation signed a contract with NSE to use the Genesys Cloud omnichannel cloud communication platform.

Johnson & Johnson Nutritional Products Company signed a contract with NSE to use the Genesys Cloud omnichannel cloud communication platform.

4 Bausch & Lomb Incorporated signed a contract with NSE to use the Genesys Cloud omnichannel cloud communication platform.
5 Juheng Securities Investment Advisory Co., Ltd. has signed a contract with NSE to use the Genesys Cloud omnichannel cloud communications platform.

CommonWealth Magazine Co., Ltd. signed a contract with NSE to use the Genesys Cloud omnichannel cloud communication platform.

7 A well-known asset management and investment company signed a contract with NSE to use the Genesys omnichannel customer service platform.
8 Hota Industrial Mfg. Co., Ltd. (DAIKIN Air Conditioning) signed a contract with NSE to use the Genesys Cloud omnichannel cloud customer service system.

A well-known chain restaurant group signed a contract with NSE to use the Genesys Cloud cloud communication system.


A well-known payment platform company has signed a contract with NSE to use the Genesys Cloud omnichannel customer service system.



NSE Genesys Cloud Advantages

  • NSE Enterprises is a representative for both Genesys Engage On-Premises Solutions and Genesys Cloud Solutions. Apart from having multiple GCP engineers with original certifications, NSE possesses extensive experience in implementation and collaboration with numerous clients.
  • Genesys has a comprehensive ecosystem, collaborating with products from Salesforce, Adobe, AWS, Google, Microsoft, Zoom, and other enterprises. This collaboration allows clients to go live quickly after placing an order, and NSE can flexibly integrate with clients' self-built systems.
  • Genesys Cloud Solution was recognized as the leader in the 2021 Gartner Contact Center as a Service.
  • The cloud architecture is hosted on AWS (Amazon Web Services), ensuring high stability and committing to a 99.99% SLA (Service Level Agreement). Genesys is currently the only cloud communication platform adopting a Microservices architecture, providing smoother handling of peak traffic and a more robust backup mechanism.
  • Both Contact Center and Unified Communication provide Omnichannel (phone, FB, Line, Wechat, WebChat, video, etc.) unified interface routing, services, management, and monitoring reports.
  • NSE Genesys Cloud undergoes regular updates every Wednesday. Customer service only needs to refresh the browser interface to access the latest features, without additional budget or IT shutdown intervention.
  • Genesys Cloud supports technical compatibility with customers' original telecommunications providers, allowing the retention of existing representative numbers.
  • WebRTC technology is utilized to enable home/mobile office functionality. Customer service/admin personnel only need to log in via Chrome/Edge browsers (Anywhere/Anytime).
  • Genesys PureCloud has strategically collaborated with Google CCAI VoiceBot/ChatBot, and NSE has the technical capability and practical experience to integrate both. NSE also integrates Genesys with OpenAI ChatGPT, providing intelligent customer service in text and voice.
  • Advanced reporting and analysis tools include reasons analysis for a surge in customer calls with no increase in turnover, identifying abandoned calls for proactive callbacks to improve sales and customer experience, and cross-analyzing call frequency and conversion rates.
  • Callback Virtual Queue reduces the abandon rate, enhancing the customer experience.
  • Co-Browsing is a shared browsing application that allows customer service to remotely assist customers in navigating pages, improving e-commerce service and sales.
  • NSE Genesys Outbound Dialer improves outbound dialing effectiveness, reduces employee frustration, and significantly increases the efficiency of the telesales center.
  • NSE Genesys WEM (Workforce Engagement Management) employee management solution helps in better training, service, reducing employee turnover, improving sales success, and gaining a better understanding of employee/customer sentiments.
  • NSE Genesys supports Webcall Internet telephony, reducing phone costs, enhancing customer experience, and increasing customer sales conversion rates.

NSE Genesys Cloud Architecture Diagram

The architecture is primarily divided into two types:

1. Local Configuration:

Requirements: Only a Gateway needs to be configured locally, connected to the telecommunication company's phone lines.

Features: This setup involves local hardware and utilizes the existing local phone numbers.

2. Cloud External Line:

Requirements: Directly adopting a cloud-based external line, eliminating the need for local hardware (requires changing phone numbers).

Features: Entirely cloud-based, avoiding the necessity for local hardware but necessitates changing phone numbers.

For Remote Home Office Agents:

Connection: Agents only need to log in via a web browser over the internet, with no requirement for a VPN dedicated line. Voice quality is excellent.

Phone Options:

ü  WebRTC Phone: The browser serves as a WebRTCPhone, utilizing technology similar to Google Meet.

ü  Remote Phone: Agents can use a mobile device or the original office phone.



NSE Genesys Cloud Security & Compliance

  • Genesys Cloud complies with the regulations of ISO27018 and ISO27001.
  • Data storage and backup: Customer data is encrypted with AES-256 Server-Side Encryption (SSE) and stored separately on AWS S3 storage, with robust data access and permission control mechanisms.
  • Penetration testing: Authoritative organizations conduct comprehensive system risk assessments and penetration testing annually, with test results available upon written request to clients.
  • Firewall service: Genesys Cloud utilizes AWS Security Groups to ensure the security of all data entering and exiting services, with security rules evaluated every six months.
  • Intrusion testing: It has passed intrusion testing to meet the various standards of PCI DSS.
  • Communication protocol encryption: All modes of conversation involving customers and Genesys Cloud, such as browsers and mobile apps, utilize HTTPS, SRTP, and TLS v1.2 encryption protocols.
  • Recording encryption: Genesys Cloud encrypts all call recordings and chat content, with support for customer-controlled Local Key Encryption.
  • Encryption protocols: Genesys Cloud uses industry-standard AES encryption algorithms, complying with FIPS 197, TLS 1.2+, and AWS Server Side Encryption mechanisms.
  • Audit and monitoring: Genesys Cloud records all security-related operations and retains them for one year, allowing customers to access records through UI or API.
  • Access control: Genesys Cloud has a comprehensive data access control permission mechanism to protect customer data, with clear controls on password length, complexity, validity period, and failure attempts.
  • Business continuity and redundancy: Genesys Cloud is built on high-reliability design principles, distributed across multiple AWS Availability Zones with mutual disaster recovery capabilities. Even if individual Zone data centers fail, it won't impact the overall service SLA, with near-zero Recovery Time Object (RTO).

Genesys Cloud provides rich and accurate analysis and monitoring reports.