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NICE Nexidia

NSE NICE Nexidia Speech Analytics


Speech recognition and speech analysis are among the five major artificial intelligence focus areas for businesses according to Forrester Research.



NSE NICE Speech Recognition Technology Advantages

 The mainstream technology for speech recognition is "Speech To Text" (STT) or also known as Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR). While STT technology boasts high accuracy, it has concerns regarding low recall rates and heavily relies on manual annotations to ensure dictionary accuracy. NSE NICE Nexidia, on the other hand, employs Neural Phonetic Speech Analytics (NPSA) or Phonetic Analysis, which enables more efficient and 100% speech recognition and indexing of all audio files.

  • Phonetic - The smallest sound unit in a language.
  • NLP Natural Language Processing - Natural language/ background noise interference/ accents, and dialects.
  • Phonetic analysis is much faster than speech-to-text analysis.
  • No need to regularly update text dictionaries to recognize new words, phrases, jargon, or slang.
  • Easier detection of original emotional messages.


NSE NICE Nexidia's Five Pursuits in Semantic Analysis

  • Enhance marketing effectiveness.
  • Reduce customer churn/improve customer retention.
  • Streamline costs.
  • Ensure compliance.
  • Optimize customer experience.


NSE NICE Nexidia Semantic Analysis Reports

The NSE NICE Nexidia consulting team will collaborate with customers to set business goals for improvement, keyword and scenario model construction, report generation & data analysis, provide business improvement suggestions, and achieve the highest ROI with the fastest speed and top-quality service.

  • Built-in Microstrategy BI engine.


NSE NICE Nexidia Semantic Analysis Advantages

  • A single PC server can process tens of thousands of hours of speech per day, with real-time factors exceeding 200 times.
  • Through phonetic modeling, words are located by pronunciation, achieving better recall rates and accuracy.
  • Customer emotion fluctuation analysis, supporting unlimited business models, with built-in BI and data warehouse.
  • Directly based on compressed format recording analysis, saving 16 times storage space and bandwidth.
  • Using machine learning-based predictive models to proactively address issues and opportunities for analysis.