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Avaya IPO Communication Platform

Seamless and Deep Interactive Experience



Customers, regardless of their location or the type of terminal devices they use, can enjoy various services such as voice calls, messaging, video, conferences, and customer service center capabilities through the flexible IP Office platform.

  • IP Office Support: The system can be deployed in a private cloud, public cloud, or hybrid cloud mode and can easily switch between different modes.
  • Integrated Communication and Collaboration: Avaya Workplace provides applications for voice, video, messaging, meetings, and calendars, enabling employees to work more efficiently through the platform's services.
  • Mobile Office Solutions: IP Office offers robust applications, allowing employees to stay connected whether they are in the office, working from home (WFH), or remote locations, enhancing productivity.
  • Cost Savings: Providing video conferencing, Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) options, voice, and instant messaging, helping businesses expand while reducing operational costs.

Simplified and Reliable, Scalable Architecture

Phone, mobile devices, conference, and collaboration applications can all be achieved on a single platform. The architecture is streamlined, reliable, and easily scalable, supporting deployment from as few as 5 users to 3,000 users and 150 system networking functions, allowing for single or multi-site deployments.


  • Application Integration: IP Office can embed various application platforms, including Salesforce, Google, Microsoft Office 365, etc.
  • Customer Contact: IP Office integrates voice, chat, email, fax, and reporting functions, supporting small-sized customer service centers.
  • Security and Reliability: IP Office is secure and reliable, built on a strong infrastructure with a track record of serving over 700,000 enterprises. 

IP Office System Versions Flexibly Meet Your Needs

IPO 500V2 Edition

IPO Server Edition


System Version Comparison Table


IP Office Intelligent End Devices

  • Digital Phones: 1403, 1408, 9508.
  • IP Phones: J139, J159, J179, J189, JEM24 Expansion Module.
  • Multimedia Endpoint Avaya Vantage: K155, J175. 
  • Conference Phones: B109, B129, B179, B189, B199.
  • Software Endpoint/Mobile APP: Avaya Workplace. 
  • Video Endpoint: Huddle Room CU360, HC020, HC050 Camera.
  • Video System: XT4300, XT5000, XT7100.


Advantages and Innovations of IP Office

  • Flexible Deployment Options
  • Comprehensive Solutions
  • Stable and Compatible System