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Intelligent Customer Service

NSE - Intelligent Customer Service Chatbot Solution 

ChatGPT & CCAI Text/Voice Chatbot


The hot topics of "Intelligent Customer Service" and "Digital Transformation" have been prevalent for quite some time, and chatbots are an integral part of these discussions. In addition to integrating with Open AI's ChatGPT and Google's CCAI through APIs and training databases, NSE can also be integrated with several other products to provide you with the most advanced and comprehensive experience.


(Voice Chatbot - Restaurant Automated Reservation DEMO to Address Manpower Shortages)



(Voice Chatbot - Car Maintenance Reservation DEMO, Offering Enhanced Customer Experience Services)


NSE - Chatbot Solution

A chatbot is a program that engages in conversations with humans by simulating natural language. Intelligent customer service chatbots can be divided into text chatbots and voice chatbots. Some popular chatbot systems include:


1.Question-Answer Systems (e.g., IBM Watson, information inquiry services)

2.Task-Oriented Dialogue Systems (e.g., Apple Siri, ticket booking services)

3.Chit-Chat Systems (e.g., Microsoft XiaoIce)

4.Proactive Recommendation Systems (e.g., Toutiao)


Customer scenarios often require the integration of multiple systems, and NSE's technical team can customize and build NLP/NLU models based on different customer domains. We also provide localized tools and professional talent to assist in the implementation and ongoing support of intelligent customer service for businesses.



NSE - Integrating Chatbots into Existing Communication Platforms 

-Cloud Version: NSE can integrate Open AI's ChatGPT and Google's Contact Center AI (CCAI) into platforms such as Genesys, Avaya, Cisco, Mitel, and more.

-On-Premise Version: NSE can also integrate on-premise chatbot solutions into customer communication platforms.



NSE - RPA + Chatbot Solution

Digital transformation for enterprises involves four main steps:

1. Paperless (Digitization)

2. Strandardization(Process Mapping)

3. Automation (+ Robotic Process Automation (RPA))

4. Intelligence (+ AI: Semantic analysis, Voiceprint recognition, Intelligent Customer Service - Chatbots)



  • Chatbots play the role of front-end communication with customers and handling unstructured data, while RPA bots serve as assistants for back-end data retrieval and processing structured and rule-based workflows.