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NICE Recording

NICE solutions for Contact Center Recording Compliance

In the contact center, optimal customer experience starts with powerful recording: to power applications, and a wide understanding of activities, NICE offers its market leading recording solution – Engage. And because the contact center is also a high-pressure and dynamic environement, where sensitive customer information is shared every day, NICE can help you minimize the risk of costly regulatory breaches with dedicated compliance solutions.

Certified Compliance Recording

The impact of interactions recording is twofold: it can be used as evidence when disputes arise, and help ensure that agents and traders are following compliant procedures, yet they also are the objects of regulations: ensuring that sensitive data is not recorded and customer’s privacy is respected. NICE AIR & Engage offer a certified solution for PCI DSS3 and HIPAA.


  • Satisfy regulatory requirements – by capturing all interactions, or just the ones you need
  • PCI DSS certified – pause and resume recording to avoid capturing payment card sensitive data, end-to-end media encryption, TLS support
  • Low total cost of ownership – with centralized capabilities, open architecture, virtualization, and multi-site management
  • Operational flexibility – support for virtually any telephony vendor, network environment and organizational structure
  • Unprecedented recording scalability – up to 5,000 channels per interaction recorder
  • High Availability – ensuring that your system continues to record interactions even when disaster occurs
  • Real Time Alerts on your mobile device – be alerted in Real Time when failures occur and take an immediate action.

Flexible and adaptable

We easily adapt to unique requirements, and satisfy regulations across industries: whether financial, health, security or insurance, and help you abide by any requirements – from pause and resume recording, to tracking data, or obtaining alerts on recording.

Our flexibility extends to operational set ups as we support virtually any telephony vendor and network environment, as well as of types of organizational structures including multiple sites, branch offices, and remote employees.

Contact us today to learn how we can help you maintain regulatory compliance and extract valuable business insights from your customer interactions