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NSE NICE Real Time Authentication


Voice is the password.

NSE NICE provides a complete voiceprint authentication platform.


Traditional identity verification - using personal data (KBA) for identity verification.

  • Poor customer experience.
  • Requires longer Average Handle Time (AHT).
  • Higher risk of fraud loss.

NSE NICE offers a text-independent real-time voice biometric authentication solution.


Moving from asking "Who are you?" to "How can I assist you?"


NSE NICE Voiceprint Recognition - Real-Time Fraud Prevention:

Compared to the text-based (voluntary registration) approach for voiceprint recognition, customers are not required to actively recite standardized phrases to enroll in biometric identification.

  • Seamless registration and authentication aim to enhance the overall customer experience.
  • A single voiceprint registration is applicable across multiple channels (live customer service, IVR, mobile apps).
  • Customers do not need to exert effort for registration and identity verification.
  • High registration success rates.

NSE NICE Voiceprint Recognition - Real-Time Fraud Prevention

  • Utilizing voice biometrics, monitor blacklists within seconds to identify fraudsters → Prevent account misuse and online scams.
  • Instantly notify customer service and provide guidance simultaneously → Identify and promptly block fraudsters in real-time.
  • Immediately send notifications to risk management supervisors → Without negatively impacting customer experience.

NSE NICE Voiceprint Recognition Advantages:

  • NSE NICE offers a comprehensive intelligent customer service solution.
  • The NSE NICE Voiceprint Recognition platform seamlessly integrates with the NICE Actimize risk management system.
  • Integration with different switches and CTI brands is possible.
  • NSE NICE provides real-time guidance for handling various call scenarios.
  • The solution can be integrated with RPA process automation robots for real-time customer service guidance.
  • NSE NICE is the only vendor currently deploying voiceprint recognition in large-scale customer service centers.

SOURCE: OPUS Research (2019)


X-Axis - Market Position:

ØMarket customer share

Y-Axis - Breadth of Offering:

ØProduct functionality diversity (language support, multi-channel support, multiple deployment options, diverse registration and verification methods, integration with other authentication methods, etc.)

Ellipse Size Represents: 

ØCompany status (fraud loss capability, company organization, R&D investment, revenue/profit, SLA)

ØPartner relationships and positioning – Partner cooperation is a critical success factor for project integration and development (e.g., integration with IVR, customer service CRM, web, mobile, etc.)