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Verint Speech Analytics

NSE Verint Speech Analytics



In typical enterprises, a vast amount of data is stored internally, including records of interactions between company personnel and customers (ranging from interactions on Facebook, Line, email, and text messages to call recordings, and more). However, in this age of information overload, while companies possess a wealth of data, they often struggle to transform it into valuable information and gain insights. Nonetheless, with NSE's Verint Speech Analytics, an intelligent customer service solution, companies can utilize STT (Speech To Text) and cutting-edge semantic analysis technology to analyze every call and data from various channels, categorizing the most frequently occurring topics during interactions. This process provides customized analysis reports and assists in problem-solving. Additionally, real-time translation is supported, allowing the system to alert, prompt, guide customer service representatives, or involve supervisors immediately in predefined scenarios, ensuring optimal service levels for customers.



Before conducting text data and audio voice analysis, NSE and Verint's analysis consulting team collaborate with you to identify areas for improvement. For instance, this may include increasing first-call resolution, improving after-sales service, reducing customer churn, boosting outbound sales conversion rates, quality checking customer service scripts, and more. Recommendations are provided from various angles, such as discovering and searching for specific keywords, call duration, transfer frequency, proportion of interruptions or silences during customer service interactions, emotional indicators, volume, and more. Subsequently, targeted modeling analysis, customized report design, and automatic quality checks are carried out to significantly reduce customer service center operating costs, increase sales revenue, and achieve a faster return on investment (ROI).


NSE's application of Verint Speech Analytics in automated Quality Management (QM): 


The omnichannel customer service center stores a vast amount of unstructured text and voice data. Currently, many enterprises rely on manual sampling for QM quality checks, which proves to be highly inefficient, labor-intensive, and with very low coverage, making it challenging to ensure service quality comprehensively and effectively. By utilizing NSE's Verint Speech Analytics technology for voice and semantic analysis, automatic QM quality checks can be applied to a large number of audio recordings and texts, achieving the following benefits: 1. 100% coverage, 2. ensuring uniform QM standards, 3. enhancing the completeness of post-analysis reports, and 4. saving manpower costs, resulting in a high ROI.


✓ Automatic keyword search
✓ Automatic classification and filtering of recorded data
✓ Automatic detection of service taboo language
✓ Automatic detection of service terminology
✓ Automatic analysis of speech rate
✓ Automatic detection of sudden emotional changes
✓ Automatic detection of prolonged silence


The advantages of NSE Verint Speech Analytics intelligent customer service are as follows:

  • NSE Verint Speech Analytics currently employs the latest deep learning models for transcription, with accuracy far surpassing traditional GMM Gaussian Mixture Models.
  • NSE Verint Speech Analytics requires minimal hardware equipment (Lower TCO) while enabling more efficient voice-to-text conversion.
  • NSE Verint Speech Analytics, with its Complete Semantic Index and Semantic Intelligence (as shown above), supports the storage and analysis of every word, term, and even hidden intentions in every call (100% data analysis).
  • NSE Verint Speech Analytics not only provides web-based reporting tools but also offers SSRS service-based analysis reports, allowing users and supervisors to conduct analyses at a broader level and obtain more precise insights.