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Avaya has been recognized as a Leader in the Aragon Research Globe™ for Intelligent Contact Centers.



Recently, global leader in communication and collaboration solutions, Avaya, has been recognized as a Leader in the Aragon Research Globe™ for Intelligent Contact Centers report (2024 edition) for the fifth consecutive year, with its Avaya Experience Platform™.


The report, authored by Aragon Research CEO and Lead Analyst Jim Lundy, highlights that while the demand for modern contact centers is widespread, the internal intelligence competition is just beginning. Lundy states, "Contact centers are not only cost centers but also experience centers, and the use of Generative AI (GenAI) has become one of the primary technological means for enterprises to enhance experiences."


The Avaya Experience Platform™ enables businesses to leverage innovative cloud technologies through intelligent contact centers to provide end-users with more choices, faster responses, and more personalized approaches. This AI solution allows enterprises to interact with customers through their preferred channels (chat, email, social messaging), ensuring effortless experiences for both customers and employees across all touchpoints. In addition to standardized services, the solution offers service support including technical teams, ecosystem resources, and industry trend insights, helping customers with diverse needs maximize contact center performance and application experiences.



As artificial intelligence continues to deepen its application in contact centers, more and more businesses are leveraging Generative AI (GenAI) to construct virtual agents. These virtual agents are closely collaborating with human agents to provide call assistance services to customers. Jay Patel, the Vice President of Product Management at Avaya, points out: "Avaya's API-first strategy enables us to further strengthen connections with third-party applications (such as those used to build virtual agents), while laying the foundation for building a more integrated and flexible ecosystem and providing customers with a higher quality customer experience."


Avaya's innovative solutions provide robust support for both existing infrastructure and cloud transformations for enterprises. Through Avaya's solutions, businesses can drive the transformation of on-premises communications and contact center functionalities through hybrid cloud deployment, achieving technological innovation without disrupting operations. With advanced features now available for Avaya Call Center Elite voice agents, including personalized unified WebRTC desktops, enterprises can quickly enhance customer and employee experiences. Businesses can utilize cloud digital channels to allow customers to freely choose communication channels without altering existing call flows, and effortlessly add required technologies as needed to improve business efficiency.


Jim Lundy, CEO and Founder of Aragon Research, states: "Avaya's multi-cloud solutions, revitalized leadership team, and innovative products make it a company worth watching."


About Aragon Research Globe™


The Aragon Research Globe™ is a market evaluation tool that graphically represents Aragon Research's assessment of specific markets and their component vendors. In this evaluation, Aragon Research examines 15 leading market vendors focusing on various forms of communication and collaboration, using three benchmark dimensions based on comparative evaluations specific to the market. The designation "Leader" represents companies with comprehensive strategies consistent with industry direction and market demands and effectively execute these strategies.


About Avaya


Experience-led, innovation-driven is the path to enterprise development. Every day, Avaya empowers millions of rich experiences for businesses. For over a century, we have adapted with a more innovative spirit to meet the developments of different eras, constructing smarter communication experiences for employees and customers, empowering businesses towards success. In today's rapidly evolving high-tech landscape, Avaya is committed to creating open, integrated, innovative solutions to enhance and simplify communication and collaboration in public cloud, private cloud, hybrid cloud, and on-premises deployments across scenarios. As a reliable, trusted partner, Avaya paves the way for enterprise digital transformation through innovative leadership, ecosystem construction, and an attitude towards embracing the future.