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How to Protect Customer Data?

How to Protect Customer Data?


Ensure Data Sovereignty, Gain Customer Trust, and Navigate Regulatory Compliance


Today, businesses are eager to leverage cloud technology to gain a competitive edge, especially in creating an exceptional customer experience for contact centers. Unfortunately, concerns about data sovereignty can be a roadblock for Canadian businesses on the path to cloud migration.


This is evident from the following data: Nearly 80% of Canadians are concerned about how others handle their personal data; data breaches to Canadian companies result in an average loss of $5.6 million (leading to a 60% increase in prices); and by 2027, market spending in Canada's Information and Communication Technology (ICT) industry is expected to exceed $182 billion USD or $247.5 billion CAD.


Data sovereignty and the application of cloud technology are closely intertwined, especially in managing customer data. Customers need to be explicitly aware that the companies they do business with will protect their data and respect their privacy. Next, we will analyze what data sovereignty entails, understand its importance, and see how Avaya helps Canadian businesses ensure information governance in the rapidly evolving cloud environment.


Data Sovereignty: A Fundamental Guide


The concept of "data sovereignty" refers to data being governed by the laws and regulations of the country it resides in. In the context of cloud solutions for Canadian contact centers, data sovereignty means that the storage and processing of sensitive customer information must take place within Canada, complying with Canada's data protection laws, rather than following the regulations of the global entity that created the data. Whether to maintain customer trust, comply with legal requirements, or reduce potential privacy and cybersecurity risks associated with cross-border data transfer, it is crucial.


Moreover, non-compliance can quickly lead to economic losses for businesses. Over the past few years, Canadian policymakers have been striving to reform the country's data privacy rules through legislation. The newly proposed C-11 bill aims to "comprehensively describe the obligations and limitations that businesses must adhere to when collecting personal information in the course of their commercial activities," specifying substantial fines, with the maximum fine being 5% of revenue or $25 million USD, whichever is higher.


To avoid the complexities and risks associated with cross-border data transfer, keeping data within the country's borders is the most prudent choice. Data sovereignty ensures that Canadian cloud contact centers maintain good performance in the flow of customer data, protecting their business reputation and bottom line.


Avaya Experience Platform: Ensuring Peace of Mind


Canadian businesses need a comprehensive solution that supports flexible innovation, introduces new features for customers and employees, and ensures control of customer data within their national borders. Enter Avaya Experience Platform (AXP). This comprehensive cloud solution allows any-sized company to achieve various customer experience needs through cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence, automation, self-service, and deep interaction with the next-generation workforce—all while fully safeguarding data sovereignty (not to mention the cost savings from increased efficiency and process improvement).


In the design process, this solution thoroughly considers data sovereignty issues, with localized data, specific security measures, compliance support, and localized expertise ensuring effective management of customer data while adhering to current and future digital sovereignty laws and regulations. Facing the ever-evolving world of cloud computing and deep customer interaction, AXP allows businesses to easily place customer trust, security, and compliance at the core of their operations.


With Avaya's assistance, numerous Canadian businesses from various industries, including retail, finance, utilities, insurance, and public sectors (federal, provincial, municipal governments, education, healthcare, NG911), have successfully implemented revolutionary "cloud-first" strategies that meet strict security requirements. Our outstanding customer outcomes showcase the powerful capabilities of Avaya's solutions and technology. For example, customers like iUNGO have achieved a 300% increase in call volume using AXP.


Lidia Bances, Head of iUNGO Contact Center, notes, "Compared to a year ago when we were not using this platform, we now have the ability to handle more calls simultaneously, with a total call volume increase of 300%, which is truly remarkable."


Embracing the Call of the Cloud Era


We are Confident


Whether it's full cloud, hybrid cloud, or multi-cloud, the cloud migration of businesses is inevitable. AXP allows you to truly choose your own path to a business-enhancing experience. The uniqueness of our solution lies in AXP supporting the layering of cloud capabilities on top of internally deployed solutions, including features that ensure data sovereignty, thus achieving innovation related to the cloud while ensuring stability, security, and control (continuous innovation). Regardless of your company's size or the solutions it operates, AXP seamlessly integrates, making everything so simple!


Empowering the Successful Path of Canadian Businesses


As a leading contact center provider in Canada, Avaya is committed to optimizing operations, providing better communication support, and the focus on data sovereignty is just the tip of our relentless efforts. In the Canadian market, we continue to collaborate with Microsoft and Google, growing together. Recently, we celebrated the opening of our new office in Ottawa, and we are continually obtaining various certifications related to key security measures and compliance. Our 200+ value-added distribution partners are spread across Canada. Additionally, we actively participate in the construction of Canada's Next Generation 911 (NG911), contributing to the emergency service revolution aimed at saving lives and feeling proud of it.


Leveraging strong customer relationships, robust technical capabilities, and innovative technological vision, we can comprehensively enhance the key qualities of contact centers: quality, efficiency, and security. This paves the way for the successful application of cloud solutions, helping contact centers smoothly advance customer experience transformation and accelerate business development. If you wish to learn more about Avaya's impact in the Canadian market, feel free to check our latest announcements, and of course, you can click here to delve deeper into our award-winning Avaya Experience Platform.